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XI installation Questions

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Hi All,

Q1))) <b>What is the difference between XI 3.0 SR1 and XI 3.0</b>????

Q2))) I need to communicate with following R/3:-

Sandbox configuration is as follows:

a) SAP R/3 4.6C on BASIS 4.6D

b) SAP Web AS 6.20

c) V5R2 of OS/400

d) DB2/400

e) Single Partition

Whether I use <b>XI 3.0 SR1</b> or <b>XI 3.0</b>????

Q3)))Please guide me if i have to <b>install XI on same sandbox</b> where above R/3 resides, what all i need to de????

Q4))) Or i need to impliment following in different server

because XI 3.0 needs following

A) SAP Web AS Components :-

a) SAP Web AS ABAP 6.40 (Unicode version required)

b) PI_BASIS 6.40 (Unicode version required)

c) SAP Web AS Java 6.40 (including Java Engine, SAP Java Connector(Jco), SAP Java Tech Services) (Unicode version required)

B) SAP XI Components

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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>>>>Q1))) What is the difference between XI 3.0 SR1 and XI 3.0????

SR1 = Service Release 1

you always install the new release

>>>>Q4))) Or i need to impliment following in different server

because XI 3.0 needs following

if you don't have ERP 2004 you cannot install XI

on the same server instance




<a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions">XI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</a>

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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For question 3, you cannot install the XI on the same server as R/3, because both use different application layer - 4.6c is based on basis and XI operates on WAS.

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Hi Michal & sapknowledge & All,

My IT SAP CoE says following :-

1)"No upgrade of existing instances of WebAS is necessary since XI will be installed on new instances of WebAS."

2)"While it is possible, XI is not generally installed on the same WebAS as other SAP components."

3) "The 12 separate SAP systems hosted on SAPR9006 are each running on their own WebAS or Basis. Each will continue to run on their current version of WebAS or Basis. The XI 3.0 installations will be installed on fresh installations of WebAS 6.40."

4) "The only upgrades that may be required are to the plug-ins in R/3 for connection to XI and Solution Manager for monitoring of XI."

Now Please guide me how can I start install XI 3.0 , the server is OS/400, with New instance of ABAP & J2EE.

I am provided with a remote access to server.

Please give me the necessary SAP Notes No's & document's & steps for Pre-implimentation/implimentation/Post-implimentation.

Can I follow following sequence:-

1) Install DB

2) Patch up DB

3) Install NetWeaver SR-1 ABAP CI

4) Install NetWeaver SR-1 Java add-on

5) Upgrade Kernel to target SP

6) Apply Basis SP's

7) Apply ABAP SP's

😎 Upgrade PI_BASIS to most recent Version and SP level

9) Apply target SP level to the Java add-on

10) Configure system to make ready for the XI install

11) Perform Client Copy

12) Install XI

13) Configure XI

14) Upgrade XI

<b>Is i need to install DB/400 and Upgrade Kernel in my system also????</b> As mentioned above steps