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XI Connectors

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Hello everybody, we need to integrate process with backends systems such as:




can anyone tell me about if there's connectors to integrate this systems via SAP XI??, we are not going to implement a SAP solution such as R/3 or BW, right now we only want to use SAP Netweaver and the SAP Portal as our platform, but we are thinking of a future migration to SAP R/3, can anyone tell me about how this connectors work and where can I find documentation about it, thanks in advance.


Julio Cesar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I cannot comment specifically on the systems you named (and I do not see them on the adapter list from iWay or Seeburger), however, in general, integrating to any "unknown" systems which there is not an adapter, we can ask some standard questions of those systems:

1. Does the 3rd party system support webservices? If so, this is the ideal. We can use the SOAP adapter.

2. Is it possible to access the databases of the 3rd party system directly during integration? If so, the JDBC adapter can probably be used.

3. Less desirable, is to use file as the integration medium.

4. Also, if the 3rd party system provides java api's for integration, then, we can use java proxy in XI to invoke those api's.



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