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XI Certification

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Hi all,

I am planning to take XI certification. Any ideas on what I need to read. I can't attend SAP training nor do I have access to the SAP material. Do they focus only on XI or they ask questions in IDOC,RFC,Java or ABAP as well. What are the articles I can go through in order for me to prepare for the certification. Please suggest me something.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try this [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

Send me a PM or a mail, I'll help you with more info..


Sathish Raj.

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Answers (4)

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Sorry Sonia,

I pass the certification exam last year and a talk about it.

You must to study:

- Components in SAP PI (BPE, Adapter Engine, ABAP + Java ) (10 Q)

- Integration Repository (mapping programs are very important) (10 Q)

- Integration Directory (adapters are very important) (10 Q)

- BPM (about 20 question)

- Types of mapping ( Java, XSLT , graphical mapping, ABAP Mapping )


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Kenny Scott

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I cannot put my email id out here(against the rules of the forum). However you can click on my name and then view my business card and get the email id from there

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Hi Sonia,

The SAP PI certification have got the next books or manuals:


- TBIT40: Fundamentals SAP PI

- TBIT41: Mapping

- TBIT42: Adpaters


- TBIT44: Advanced Mapping and BPMs.


- TBIT40: Fundamentals SAP PI

- TBIT50: Components SAP PI

- TBIT51: Installation SAP PI

All SAP PI oficial test/exams are based in those books.



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Yeah but the problem is I don't have access to these books or manuals.

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Hi Sonia

Just search at this forum , there is lot of threads discussed the same .

Just like ..

<b>A Beginners Guide to XI Certification Details</b>


See the below links

SAP Certificate -


Also see the below link

XI Links --

Further, this thread deals with everything that is needed for a starter on XI. Do check them out,

/message/527697#527697 [original link is broken]

And after you are done with the documentation probably you can go through this scenario,

Also check the following threads which might help you a little more,

Also for more info related to XI go through these links:

XI -Starter

SAP XI - Where to Find Information

All the information you need in XI :

To understand the architecture of XI, Please go through this link:

You can also go through the url for Elearning :

Following is the link for 'how to guides', A step by step guide to create scenarios:

XI is all about configuration of Adapters, to learn more please go through this link:

One of the most powerful feature of XI, Business Process Management:

How the messages are delivered through XI:

Once you go through these links and are a bit aware what all XI objects do, you can try a simple "File to File Scenario" which would help you to understand XI objects in a much better manner.

For help on this scenario go through this blog it is in two parts thus I am providing both links below:



XI Cerification

/thread/25311 [original link is broken]

For XI in General:

Hope this helps you! All the very best!

Thanks !!

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Hi Sonia,

for xi-certification details pls,

Refer this thread too:

/thread/26853 [original link is broken]


all the best,

Azeez khan.