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XI/ABAPR/3 solution Decision

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We have a process where our vendor sends a C.S.V file everymonth listing all the invoices they have sent in that month.

We are required to authorise those invoices by changing a field in the C.S.V file from "null" to "A".

I would like to know various solutions by which this process can be implemented using XI and R/3 .

One of my solution was to make R/3 make a file with the list of authorised invoice numbers each month , and XI can compare these numbers against the invoice numbers in the C.S.V file and if its true the field is changed to "A".

But the problems i see with this solution is how to send the list of files from R/3 to XI. I dont want to use BPM because of performance issues.

second problem i see is i need to store all the list of invoices in a queue at runtime to compare them against C.S.V invoice numbers.

What other solutions can be used for this process. I would liek to hear about your thoughts

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Why would BPM performance impact in a process that will run once a month?


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Sudheer,

i agree with henrique: performance is no issue here, you can use BPM like

file -> BP

BP <-> R/3 (synchr RFC or Proxy)

BP -> File

I assume, this is the best solution because of being in the standard.

An other alternative wo BPM would be:

File -> Inbound Proxy, what is calling

Outbound-Proxy -> File



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I suggest to implement a simple file to file scenario and in the mapping build a lookup in ECC where you will find if the invoice is authorized.

In this way you just have to expose a remote enabled function module from ecc and call it in the mapping passing the invoice number and receiving back A if the invoice is approved or null in all other cases.

This solution is fast and stable.

For the lookup you can have a look at this blog: <a href="/people/francesco.bersani/blog/2007/03/05/data-lookup-optimized Lookup Optimized</a>