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XI 3.0 SP12: Nested Error Handling

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Hi guys.

We have a BPM scenario with two nested blocks:

In the error handler of the inner block we defined an error condition that should be managed by the error handler of the outer block (to manage errors that arise during the error processing).

At runtime, it doesn't work: if i analyze the process flow, i see that the second error condition has been correctly raised, but the outer error handler is not started.

Does anybody have experience of this "nested" error handling?

Thanks in advance


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So what you actually want is that an error exception within the lowest block exception handler is being caught in the higher block exception handler ...

The documentaion talks about exceptions being raised and going upwards until it finds the right exception handler but I am not so sure that what you want actually works ... It doesn't say anywhere that once you are within an exception handler new thrown exceptions are caught as well ...

Interesting case ... I would love to have the answer for you but I don't so I wait together with you eagerly on a response from someone who does