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XI 3.0 Migration to a new Data Center

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Hi All,

We are currently migrating the XI 3.0 system from an existing Data center to our data center. Before GO-LIVE, we are conducting a DRY RUN on our New XI 3.0 Production system.

The challenge we are facing here is how the communication channels can be deactivated before or as soon as the system is up for dry run?

Client has asked to carry out the dry run without impacting the current production files. Now, when our XI 3.0 Production system is started, it would automatically start all communication channels which means our XI 3.0 Production system will try to establish connections with Vendor systems(Internal and Data Center Systems) before we manually shut them down.

In such a situation, there is a very high possibility that some production files may be fetched into NEW SERVER before the communication channels are shut down manually.

If such a thing would occur, it may impact the current Production Environment (we are assuming, the impact would be severe, hence it’s a high RISK factor task).

Kindly suggest.



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Hi Shri,

When you stop the channel after restarting the server still the channel will be in stopped status. correct me if i am wrong.

i noticed this during my upgrade project.

also you can try this small R&D in your dev, or sandbox system.

if you find anything please let me know.



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Hi Sriharsha,

You need to make the channels inactive individaully..

Thanks and Regards,


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Dear Rajesh,

You can stop every individual communication channel using the inactive option with the communication channel in the Integration Directory.

Or you can stop them within the Runtime Workbench --> communication channel monitoring.

Kind regards,