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XI 3.0 and ECC 5.0 IDoc definitions

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We use XI 3.0 fo extensive integration with SAP. We recently upgraded from 4.7 ES 2.00 to ECC 5.0. The problem is that all IDoc developments we do now, is recorded as version 640, but XI still thinks the system runs on WAS 620. XI still uses the "old" 620 IDoc definitions missing all the new developments. There is no installed product entry for the new ECC 5.0 in XI. I assume one has to import new application components into XI so that XI is now also aware of ECC 5.0? Is this true and if so, where would we get those new components?

Thanks for the help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Johan,

- if then new IDOCs have new signatures (some new fields) you can import them again in Repository and use the new ones in all mappings/message interfaces etc.

- also try removing old definitions (idoc metadata) in TCODE IDX2 - and upload new

(you don't have to do it because it should upload when you first you the new IDOC type but...

you can try doing it to see if you got the new IDOC definition)


- click Create

- specify idoc type and RFC port to your ecc 5.0

- and check if this is the idoc type taht you want

BTW you specify RFC port for loading idoc metadata in IDX1

- you can also set <b>SAP release</b> parameter in IDOC communication channels



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Hi Michal,

Thanks fo the reply. I meant to thank you a few days ago already, but we had connectivity problems and I couldn't post on SDN.

Your suggestions helped me solve the problem. The IDX2 metadata definitions had to be deleted and once they were automatically re-created with the first message, it solved my problem.

Thanks again for solving something that gave me headaches for quite a few days.

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