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XI 2.0 : Synchronous Calls via RFC-Adapter

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Hi there,

I'm using the XI 2.0 for a set of different szenarios. In one case I send synchronously RFC calls from a Web Application Server (6.20) to an R/3 via XI. Has anyone of you an idea , why the adapter hangs up after an couple of calls?

I have to restart the Adapter every n-th call (n depends on the preconfigured pool-size of the connection to the R/3 System).

The error message is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>

<!-- Aufruf eines Adapters-->

<SAP:ErrorHeader xmlns:SAP="">

<SAP:Context />

<SAP:Code p1="Exception in handleRequest of server Xmb2RfcService: java.lang.Exception: Bean n" p2="" p3="" p4="">RFC_ADAPTER.SYSTEM_FAILURE_OUTBOUND</SAP:Code>

<SAP:Text language="DE">Systemfehler beim Aufruf des RFC Outbound Adapters (Exception in handleRequest of server Xmb2RfcService: java.lang.Exception: Bean n)</SAP:Text>


Is there a mistake in the configuration of the RFC-Adapter or do I have to wait for 3.0?

Where do I find the cause of this Exeption - the Adapter log is empty?

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ok, problem solved.

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can you please give me a hint how you solved the problem.

My RFC adapter also hangs up after having n requests depending on the pool-size.

Kind Regards