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Xcelsius2800 refeshing data without webservie (excel Data?)

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Id did some development on Xcelsius months ago and just started to aktualise my knowlage with Xcelsus 2008

I remenber refreshing dada from external excel-files while selecting spezial Regions so did'nt have to import whole model

but have a datatable(range) beeing refreshed ...

I have not found this feature ...what is the reason... how to do... maybe a connection to excel with Life-Office-Data...?

Thanks for any hints


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Hii Debajit...I was trying to follow the steps outlined in above replies but I do not see any data change in my spreadsheet component. Are you sure an excel file converted to XML spreadsheet can be used for live data feed? I have been looking for methods using XML connection to feed live data but all the options are limited to manual operation. Can you tell me how to automate XML process? In another words, I'm converting my excel file (Crystal Reports Exported Format) to CSV and then to XML. When my excel gets updated I have to manually do the above mentioned procedure. Is there a way that can be automated option?

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Hi kgs-ks,

you can automate the process of data consumption from Excel with the help of Live office connection

For that : open the Xcelsius then go to File -> Preferences -> Excel Options -> enable the Live office Check box. and use the functionality offered by Live Office

Or else u can use the functionality offered by the Excel only

Save your Excel Source data as XML Spreadsheet into some common loaction.

Now open your Xcelsius Dashboard -> go to Developer Tab (if not visible open Excel -> Click on the office button -> Under Popular -> check the show Developer tab in the ribbon) -> Click on the source -> Add XML maps -> select the previously saved XML source file -> Drag the <value> from XML source on spread sheet -> Click on Data Refresh -> manipulate data according to requirement -> map those cells to your Xcelsius components. -> Go to Data Manager -> Add Excel XML Maps -> go to usage tab -> refresh by (according to requirements).

and u will have a automatic connection.

Note: make sure you save the updated source file as XML spreadsheet in the same shared location.

There is another option available

Use Add-ons available

Open Xcelsius -> File -> Manage Add ons -> -> click on Get More Add ons -> try some freely available Add-ons for CSV file connector -> Save your source file in CSV format and use the same. (You will get a new connection under Data Manager)