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Xcelsius to show top 10 records from Bex Query through BICS

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Dear Experts

This issue involves both BICS and Xcelsius

I was asked to build a xcelsius dashboard deploying to BW to show top

10 records from a Bex Query. I created a "SAP Netweaver BW Connection"

from Xcelsius data manager, which was through BICS to get the data from


The Bex Query had a condition to restrict only top 10 results however,

i noticed that there is a message from current query: condition "top 10

count" will be ignored in the MDX access. In fact the xcelsius get more

than top 10 results from the query.

Would you please advice how to resolve the issue?

Many thanks for your advice in advance.


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it sould not be the case , becuase i am using the query with top 10 and it is working fine, which verison or support package are u in ?

can you please run your bw query sepreatly and and check whether the top 10 are there or not.

also check your condition assinment.


Sanjeev Kumar

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Thank you Sanjeev!

After applying a SAP patch over the weekend, it works fine now.


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Hello Harvey Chen,

We have the same problem.

Can you say us which patch that you've applied?