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Xcelsius Engage Server and Sharepoint

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I'm looking at the product comparing on and can see that if we need Sharepoint integration we need the Xcelsius Engage Server and install an integration kit on both the Xcelsius server and Sharepoint Server.

However I don't get why Xcelsius have to be server-side when it have the data integration features. E.g. when it integrate to Sharepoint this is done by a 'special Xcelsius' webpart which import a swf. I guess that the swf is fysical stored on the Sharepoint server and if it connect to backend data using a webservice this is running on the BOE. I don't see where the Xcelsius server comes in the picture. I might be that I miss some basic understanding of the processflow ( surely I am ), so I'll be grateful if anyone can explain me why Xcelsius need to serverside when it integrate to portals.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Xcelsius Engage server is just a different version of Xcelsius...with additional data connections.

It is not necessary to install Xcelsius on the server to integrate it with just need the integration kit.


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If we have 64bit Sharepoint, can we ue the Xcelsius web part. I heard it is 32 bit so not compatible

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