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Xcelsius displays Problem accessing excel: closing message

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Hi expert,

I installed Xcelsius 2008 Engage. After that I tried to execute the program. A "Problem accessing excel: closing" message is displayed and after looking similar issues in SDN, and SAP notes... I tried following actions, as suggested::

  • Restart computer

  • To check that no MS Offices processes are being executed

  • No outlook is running

  • I uninstalled some Office 2007 extra packages

  • I installed Xcelsius SP1 Fix packs 1, 2 and 3.

After fix packs installation, the error message is still appearing, but now a new message also appears: "Failed to set localized string".

Does anyone have an idea about what I have to do to solve this annoying problem? I can not use Xcelsius!

There is one thing I have to check: that Excel doesn't have installed add-ins. Does anyone know if SAP Business Explorer tools, in special Excel Analyzer, can be considered as an Excel add-in? can this SAP product interfere in Xcelsius excecution, causing the message I get?

Thank you very much!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try installing Xcelsius on a different system,You just need to make sure that you have bothe Flash player and MS Office installed before installing Xcelsius...if the problem still persists make sure you try with a different Product key code.

Hope this helps...


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Finally I had to send my laptop to IT, to format it because continous Office and Windows XP SP installation unistallation and reinstallation (as suggested in other notes/SDN messages) broke down my SO. Now I've installed all again and it's working, but I wasted one working time week to solve this problem...

Thanks to all for your responses.

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I am having the same issue. What is the fix? Sending my laptop to IT to reinstall MS Office is not an option, I am the IT. I have installed the latest Xcelsius service packs and hot fixes and am still having the same issue. I can create a new file, save it, but when I try to reopen it, I get this message of accessing Excel and exiting.


Lon Thompson.

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First,you must install Excel.Xcelsius must use excel.When you launch Xcelsius,there will launch a excel in background.

If you receive an error message "Problem accessing excel: closing" when attempting to launch Xcelsius 2008,it may be caused by a rogue Microsoft Excel process. You will need to open the "Windows Task Manager" and end the running Excel process before attempting to restart Xcelsius 2008. Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys simultaneously. Click on Task Manager. Click Processes tab. Find and highlight the EXCEL.EXE process. Click End Process. The "Task Manager Warning" dialog box will appear, click Yes to confirm. Exit the "Windows Task Manager". Launch Xcelsius 2008.

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Thanks for your responses, but, as I told in my message, there are no MS Office processes (I include here Excel.exe processes) running when I execute Xcelsius (of course, I checked it using Task Manager).

I've spend 3 days reading all issue related messages in SDN forums, and none suggested of solutions has worked to me. I've installed/uninstalled many times Xcelsius, Office 2007, Office 2003, SAP Business Explorer...

Something is wrong with Xcelsius 2008 because other peopleof my company is having same problem with their laptops...


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There seems to be couple of applications that may cause Xcelsius startup to fail:

Norton 2002

Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003

Excel add-in (XLA) files

Open Office software

Excel 2002/2003 Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services SP1

They have to be either unistalled or disabled.

Do you have any of these installed on your PC?

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I have none of your mentioned software, except .xla files.

These are .xla files, from SAP GUI I have installed and from SAP Business Explorer. Can theses .xla files interfere in Xcelsius? Should I uninstall this software which is by now my Daily working tools?
















I will also try to install this Xcelsius in a Virtual Machine...

Thank you very much

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Hi Sergi - you may want check SAP notes 1203607 & 1207321 on the support portal.