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Xcelsius dashboard based on sap netweaver BW connection

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I am facing some data formatting issue in xcelsius.

xcelsius is using bex queries. the issue is that before making any formatting change , i need to see the data in spreadsheet available in xcelsius.

but spread sheet is blank and i am not sure how to refresh it to bring the data in excel.

I tried to data connection and preview data but it gives me message " xcelsius cannot connect to BI query beacuase of IO connection fault. make sure url and connection is good"I am bit new to xcelsius and bex query.

Could you please help me.Thansk in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Using "SAP BW Netweaver Connection" you cannot view the data in the spreadsheet, only at the time of preview you can view the data. Check the below Note:

1509125 - Unable to view Data Preview of BEx query within Xcelsius


An Xcelsius dashboard contains an SAP NetWeaver BW Connection which loads into the data manager without any issues.  Within the connection properties under the 'Data Preview' tab, clicking 'preview data' will return the following error:

"Xcelsius cannot connect to BI query because of the IO connection fault, please make sure your request url is valid and the connection is good."


  • Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 3
  • SAP BW 7.01 SP6
  • SAP GUI 7.1
  • Flash Player version -

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open an existing dashboard with an SAP Netweaver BW connection
  2. Go to the data manager
  3. Go to the Data Preview tab
  4. Click on the the preview data button


After the connection was configured in the Xcelsius dashboard, changes to the underlying servers have been performed which resulted in a different connection endpoint than before.


In the same dashboard, delete the existing connections and add them again.  Re-mapping the connections will ensure that Xcelsius' connection to the BICS web service is current.

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Hi Suman,

Thanks for the information.

I am facing input/ output blank values after selecting Bex query.

do you know is it related to Adob FlashPlayer issue or something else.



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Hi Anamika,

There are different ways you can add BEx query within Dashboards.

1. SAP NetWeaver BW connection

2. Using Query Browser

3. LiveOffice/BIWS with WEBI etc

Now, you can expect BEx query data to appear in excelsheet for point# 2,3, not 1.

Flash would not cause data not to appear in excelsheet.

If you could write down steps you are following, we would definitely help you.



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