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Xcelsius Average IF & Average IF'S

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Hi ,

I am forced to use this functionality ,But as we all know these are the functions which xcelsius will not support ..Can any one help me out on these..Is there any other logic for the same requirment...Or please let me know you expericene if you have faced during your dashboard development..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I hope this logic will work...............

Ex consider:

IF you are using Average if to calculate the average of positive numbers in the list or negative numbers that are in a single column then the logic is

consider your values in column B

take an additional column "C" write an if condition in that column if(b3>0,1,0) this will insert a value of 0 for negative values and 1 for positive values in the column "C"

now do a vlookup of that particular column with 0,1 as comparison attributes in an other column and get the values of column "B". You have to use two new columns (consider "D" for positive and "E" for negative) to do this comparison to get positive values in one column and negative values in one column, for this all the columns in "D" & "E" will have that vlookup formula

then do an average for the individual columns for "D" & "E"

i think this will solve your problem

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