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WZR1(Settlement doc creation) not triggering events for BUS2100002

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Hi Guys,

Am trying to build workflow for WZR1(Settlement doc creation) however BUS2100002 event s are not getting traced in SWEL when am creating/changing the doc. ( i can see the events if i trigger them from SWUE, WWFL)

Could you please let me know if there any config.


Murthy Sannidhi

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I have never worked on this object.

But do you have modification document (CDHDR / CDPOS ) ? if yes you can trigger a workfow event with transaction SWEC.

You can also make restriction based on what you have in the modification document (CDPOS) (use the condition editor where you can compare old to new value ....)

I hope this helps


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Hi Murthy,

In the Settlement document type configuration you need to activate the 'Control of Event call-up' in the Special processes section.

Tcode: WLFA

After this is activated, you can find the events in the Event trace tcode SWEL whenever there is a relevant action performed.

Hope this sorts your issue.

Good luck..!!

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Hello Murthy , how are you?

Could you was resolved this issue? I want trigger one event in automatic , however only works since transaction WWFL