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WSDL import

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I have three WSDL files that I wanted to import in SAP XI, so I created three new external definitions. Each WSDL file has different namespaces (http://x, http://y, http://z). The namespace of my software project is http://main.

By importing the WSDLs, the messages are extracted correctly and the namespaces are visible.

Now I imported my BPEL file. At step 2 (section containerAttributes) all messages are listed with the corresponding (above called) namespaces. BUT I'm not able to assign messages, extracted from the WSDLs in the step before to the containers.

How do I get the messages, I extracted in the External Definitions section in my "workspace" so that I can assign them to containers in a BPEL process?

Thank you for the help

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sascha,


>>BUT I'm not able to assign messages, extracted from the WSDLs in the step before to the containers.</i>


Handling Container Elements</b>

A container element references a message interface that in turn references a message type. However, a BPEL variable references a message type directly. Therefore, the message interface specification is missing when a BPEL variable is imported.

It is advisable to create the required message interfaces in the Integration Repository before beginning the import. You can then assign them during the import by using an assistant. If you do not create the required message interfaces beforehand, the process definition will still be imported but the values between the various properties will be missing.

For details go thru this link.

Hope it will be helpful.



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Hi Suraj,

Assuming you have a WSDL with a bunch of messages in it. You import this WSDL file, then you still have to create the message interfaces manually in XI??

XI extracts the messages but I cannot assign these extracted messages to interface definitions, u know what I mean?

Best regards


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