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WSDL Import for External Definiton

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I'm trying to import a wsdl document in order to create an external definition for a WS I am wishing to envoke from XI.

However I get the following error:

Cause: Unable to recognize the loaded document as valid WSDL The value "xsd:schema" is not permitted for the attribute "ref" of the "QName" type in the "/schema/element("Browse_DataSetResponse")/complexType/sequence/element("Browse_DataSetResult")/complexType/sequence/element("")" element

followed by more errors relating to the value xsd:schema being used.

However I have successfully used this wsdl before and it is from a commercial service so syntactically should be correct.

Can anybody help please.

Thanks in advance


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Hi John,

We too faced a similar situation and we did a work around.

XI is having problems to import WSDLs which contains the line:

<i> <s:element <b>ref="s:schema"</b> /></i>

We have replaced "s:schema" with "s:string" and the import worked fine. Activated too. I dont think we can do like that, but our operation do not refer to any messages which has this declaration - so it was no issue.

In your case too, 'ByPostCode' function uses Messages which do not have this declaration. Only operations with 'DataSet' uses this.

As a workaround, you could do the same and definitely it works. I tested on SP12 with your WSDL for this workaround and it is activated.


Pops V