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WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer. Multiple users, multiple locations, can't pinpoint..

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We are having an issue that started about 5 months ago where users will get kicked off SAP and log the error: "WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer."

We have eliminated the issue being a particular user, computer, OS, and site.. We have seen this issue at all of our locations and there appears to be no specific reason that we can find at this time..  

It happens randomly to multiple users during random times of the day. As an example, a user got disconnected 17 times yesterday (0514/2024) in addition to many other users. The prior day she didn't get disconnected at all and she was doing the same functions in SAP on the same computer at the same site.. 

I wanted to see if there were any network drops that could be causing it so we did a running ping to a log file from her machine to the SAP Production server (which is hosted). There was no packet loss and the RTT was good during the times she got disconnected. We are now looking to dive deeper and according to SAP documentation, the NIPING tool is what is suggested. 

We have no experience with this tool but it seems to suggest you need to run it on the application server in a listen mode and then run it on a client.. Does this seem like a next logical step? We have reached out to our cloud provider who hosts our SAP servers to see if they will do this and waiting to hear back..

Meanwhile, anyone have any ideas of what to look at?


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Hello @tscott 

did you find corresponding entries in SM21 does it shows any sessions deleted (DP_SOFTCANCEL)?

See the different disconnetc types in that note:

2827908 - Delete session, reason DP_SOFTCANCEL

it helped us to dentify issues on different locations with weak wlan repeater.

Further note (and notes inside that note):

2507582 - 10054: WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer

Can you recall what happened 5 months ago when it started? Kernel Upgrade? New SAP GUi? Parameter change? Network changes?

Good luck with NIPING