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Wrong table data picking from GRFNWRTAPPR table.

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Business process:

I am working on GRC requirement, where the client will raise a request with some set of roles .This roles will be assigned to few approvers, Let's call them as primary approvers. Some times the primary approver could be forward the assigned role to another approver or if the primary approver is not responding then system automatically reassign the role to another approver as per config. The roles which are not taken any actions by the approver can be called as pending status.


There is a tcode called NWBC where we can raise the request with custom variables, for that i have copied the standard fm GRAC_NOTIF_VAR_RULE_AR to ZGRAC_NOTIF_VAR_RULE_AR and added my custom variables and logic .Now in NWBC my custom variables are populating sucessfully .This is my first job which is working fine and second part is to populate the current pending approvers while processing from NWBC using ZAPPROVERS variable.


As per logic and even in google to get the pending approvers list suggested the table GRFNMWRTAPPR , But we are getting the forwarded approver too in my pending approvers along with current pending approver.

For example: 'A' forwarded the role to approve to 'B' then only current approver 'B' should populate not 'A'. but A also coming in the approver list.

I checked the GRFNMWRTAPPR table there is no forwarded approver but in my internal table forwarded approver is populating strangely. I copied the same code which written in custom FM and triggering while processing NWBC tcode to se38 normal program. In se38 its displaying only current approver but the same code in fm is displaying current and forwarded approver too.Can somebody help me?

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I found the solution for the above issue, Actually we copied the standard FM GRAC_NOTIF_VAR_RULE_AR to Z ,in the custom FM we have written the select query for GRFNMWRTFAPPR table but i found in the debug that the entries which are picking from the above table in the fm is not matching with the actual table in se11 or se16n, in fm strangely it is pulling both forward approver and pending approver too were as in se11 table is holding only pending approvers.So i just sorted the table based on instance number,item(role), and changed on timestamp as decending then picking the very 1st record of each instance id and item(role) to get the pending approver. My issue is resolved.

Summary: In fm ,internal table(populated by select query) entries are not same records of sap table .