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Workload Statistic Collector issue

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We have created the custom program for Workload Anaysis, here the usage analysis program (scheduled in Background) reads the information from local system statistics data (STAT.DAT) and appends the same in the flat file at OS level. 

  1. STAT.DAT is a local application server specific temporary storage that is used by SAP for transferring the contents from SAP Buffer and the contents of the file are DYNAMICALLY updated/refreshed by SAP.
  1. a.       Current size of STAT.DAT file - 100MB
  2. b.      Frequency & situation of update/refresh to STAT.DAT  - Controlled by SAP

As per the our current logic, our current custom program fails to capture all the tcode usage details.

Our Justification Below:

  1. 1.       Usage Analysis program reads the static information available in the STAT.DAT file at fixed intervals.
  2. 2.       STAT.DAT file is DYNAMICALLY updated/refreshed by SAP.
  3. 3.       Whenever the STAT.DAT file refreshed , Unprocessed / Unread data in the STAT.DAT will be lost (not captured by Usage Analysis program)

Please anyone guide me to solve the data loss issue.

  1. Thanks.
  2. Viji.

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