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Working With BLOB (jpeg) Images Within an Oracle 10g Database

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Hello Everyone:

I'm having a design situation where I need someones help to understand what opinions I might have to resolve my issues. First of all, Iu2019m using Crystal Report 2008 and Oracle 10g database as the data source. I have a design scenario where Iu2019m grouping by u201Ckey componentsu201D, follow by its details, follow by (before and after) images and possibly there might be a third or fourth image at times. Also, at times, there might not be any images available for a particular grouping.

Here is my dilemmau2026 the client wants to see the before and after images side-by-side on the report. If there is a third or fourth image, they would like to see them below the first and second images.

I need your help to identify the best design approach to accomplish the clients design situation with the images. How do I place images side-by-side in a report? Keep in mind, there is only one data field name for the image coming in from the database records.

Thank you,


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You could try creating 2 formula fields... Before... After. Something along these lines.


IF {tbl.FieldDescription} = "Before" THEN {tbl.ImageField}


IF {tbl.FieldDescription} = "After" THEN {tbl.ImageField}

I've never tried this approach with image fields but it will work other data types... Sorta like a manual cross tab.

Hope it works for you,


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Not possible....

"Keep in mind, there is only one data field name for the image coming in from the database records."

Use 2 fields, each refresh will replace both images with the one stored.