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Working with 2 list boxes in a tableview

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Hai Friends,

I have a table view in which the first column is a dropdown listbox and second column is also another dropdown list box.

Case1: I am working with first row of the tableview

I am selecting a value say 'Q' in the the first dropdown and its corresponding values say (Q1,Q2,Q3.....) which has to be populated in the second dropdown of the same row.

Case2: I am working with second row of the tableview.

I am selecting another value say 'D' in the the first dropdown and its corresponding values say (D1,D2,D3.....) which has to be populated in the second dropdown of the same row.

I am now coming to the problem that i am facing now.

Note: i have selected Q in the first row and its corresponding values is Q1,Q2....!

When i am selecting 'D' in the second row ( D1,D2,D3...) i am getting D1,D2,D3 in the second dropdown <b>in both rows</b>.

Actually i have to keep Q and corresponding values Q1,Q2... in the first row as i have selected 'Q' in the first row allready. when i am selecting another value value D in second row , first row values should be kept as such with Q and corresponding values Q1,Q2....., and second row should be D with D1,D2,D3.....

Now i am getting

Q D1,D2,D3

D D1,D2,D3

Actually it should be

Q Q1,Q2,Q3

D D1,D2,D3

Problem i am facing is in the iterator class method IF_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW_ITERATOR~RENDER_CELL_START

when 'secondfield'.

Here i am getting values from cookie that i have set in the do_handle_event of the controller.

Given, code that i have written in iterator class method.


**************dropdownlist box**************************************

IF p_edit_mode IS not INITIAL.

DATA: etysht TYPE string.

etysht = m_row_ref->etysht.

p_replacement_bee = cl_htmlb_textview=>factory( text = etysht ).

dropdownlistbox = cl_htmlb_dropdownlistbox=>factory( id = p_cell_id ).

CALL METHOD cl_bsp_server_side_cookie=>get_server_cookie



application_namespace = application_namespace

application_name = application_name

username = sy-uname

session_id = session_id



data_value = itl_cstypenew.

GET REFERENCE OF itl_cstypenew INTO m_locid_ref.

dropdownlistbox->table = m_locid_ref.

dropdownlistbox->nameofkeycolumn = 'ETYID'.

dropdownlistbox->nameofvaluecolumn = 'ETYSHT'.

dropdownlistbox->selection = m_row_ref->etyid.

dropdownlistbox->onselect = 'click'.

p_replacement_bee = dropdownlistbox.


Looking forward for your valuable suggestion.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Renju,

I see that you retrieving your drop down values from a cookie but I do not see any code where you are actually selecting the data that you need for second drop down box...

I mean when Q is selected in the first should be reading only values related to Q in the firs dropdown and then popualte them. Similarly when user is on the second row and selecting D - the you should read values realting to D only (in this case D1, D2, D3). This should help you in keeping the values of the first row and second row as expected. Let me know if this works.