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Workflows : Leave Workflow problem in EP

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I am using the workflow template WS12300111, which gets triggered from EP 6.0.

Well, the workflow is getting triggered when I create a Leave Request using the ESS-Working Time-Leave Request. But we were unable to execute the workitem. The Workitem is not updating the R/3.

I checked the workflow template and I cant find any coding for any step. All the standard steps ..

TS12300097 : Approval Process

TS12300104 : HR Administrator - Check

TS12300116 : Process Leave Request by Employee

are attached to the same method DUMMY of Global class CL_PT_REQ_WF_ATTRIBS.

When I checked that method, I found that there is no codiing attached to this method. So I dont find any coding for this workflow, which calls a BAPI or any transaction to update R/3 as it was earlier in BUSINESS OBJECTS.

Can anyone help me in understanding this new architecture-Class based Workflow Development.

Is there any configuration which had to be done from R/3 side also?


<i><b>Raja Sekhar</b></i>

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Yes, this is the case that the workitem cannot be executed in SBWP, however, when I execute it from the portal webDynPro, there is no 'Approve' button by which I can approve the request!

Does anyone know the problem here?



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yes, we have the same problem.

also we have no 'Approve' Button by uwl and leave workflow.

If you have an idea or an answer, you're welcome ...

and if i solve the problem i give you the message.

best regards,

steffen mews

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I think it is because there is no Workflow that gets executed when the ESS request is submitted. In the IMG goto Integration with other SAP Components--> Business Packages /Functional Packages > Manager Self Service (mySAP ERP)> Attendance--> Specifying Processing Processes for Types of Leave. Here your leave types are defined. If you open up one of the items, you can see that there is an entry "Processing Process". Select this to be Use Workflow, Approval Required.

Then you'll notice at the bottom under Workflow Template:

WF ID of New Request: <here I put 12300111>

I don't know if this is correct. However now I get the problem that when I try to request leave via ESS I get the following message:

" Unable to send the request

You are not one of the possible agents of task WS12300111 "

Any Ideas??

Thanks DJ

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All the config you mention above has been done. To get past your problem, all the tasks within 12300111 must be set to general task. Then you will be a possible agent.

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you also need to set up WS12300111 as a general task.


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OSS replied. Missing buttons corrected in Note 900391

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Hi Raja Sekhar,

the dummy entry in the task is there because the tasks should be executed only via the portal UWL and not directly in ECC5.0. In other words, you can't execute it from Business Workplace at all using R/3 functionality.

The config you are missing is most likely in transaction SWFVISU. Here you can define the visualization for a specific task meaning that you can define what gets launched when the work item gets executed in the UWL.

Just add the following entries to the task visualization section and it should work:

- Task TS12300097, visualization type Java WebDynpro

  • visualization parameters:

' Application: LeaveRequestApprover

' Package:

- Task TS12300116, vis type Java WebDynpro

  • params:

' Application: LeaveRequest

' Package:

I haven't tested the HR admin check myself if there is a wd app for it, but the method is the same if you can find one.

So instead of launching the dummy method, the work item launches now the standard web dynpro apps designed for the leave request processing.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Raja,

I am too working with this WF Template and have encountered similar problems.

I did however find a method called 'APPROVE' that is contained within the class CL_PT_REQ_WF_ATTRIBS I put this into the task TS12300097 and approvals/rejections can be carried out which is ok.

I too noticed that the task TS12300116 has the method 'DUMMY' in it which again does not do anything.

I have raised an OSS note for sample code for the method.

Because as far as I can see the task TS12300116 in its current state is not very useful.

Also I have copied the Standard WF 12300111 to a customer copy and made the changes to the TS12300097, so try this to the approval step by addding APPROVE to the method to be called in the task.

My email address is


Turlock Shubh