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Workflow work item, two agents, and status IN PROCESS -> READY

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As from Workflow standard SAP behaviour, when workitem with asynchronous task (for example method EDIT of business object), has two agents, they both receive item in their SAP Inbox. Workitem has status READY. When one of them double clicks on the work item in Inbox, status of the workitem changes to IN PROCESS, and the item disappears from another agent Inbox. The first agent does not do anything, just exits the edited document, and the workitem stays in status IN PROCESS, and only one of the agents see the workitem in his SAP Inbox.

Is it possible to change the behaviour, so that when the user goes into the workitem in his inbox, and does not trigger event to terminate the task (I have two, AGREE and DENY which are terminating events for the task), the workitem does not stay in status IN PROCESS but is changed back to READY, so that all the agents have the workitem in their Inbox?

I thought about adding the code in business object method EDIT, just after, to execute SAP WAPI f. module to change the status from IN PROCESS to READY, but the workitem is locked then, and I could not determine whether the event was triggered or not (to check whether user trigerred event to terminate the task).

Another solution I think about, is ti write background job program, which checks all the workitems in IN PROCESS status and not locked, to change the status to READY.

Is there any way to achieve such strange requirement by the customer?

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User has option to change the status of workitem. When user will execute the workitem and then if he wont take any action and come out of it, then status become 'IN PROCESS' from READY status.

If you want to change the status, selct the workitem which has already status 'IN PROCESS', then rightclick on it, you will get option 'REPLACE'. Just select that option, your workitem status becomes READY again and all other users will b able to see that workitem in their sapinbox.


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I am aware of that functionality, the task is to do that without making the user select that option - that needs to be done automatically.

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This is standard SAP, that Cancel becomes Reserve. It doesn't make sense, I know, but the usual response is that the users should be trained to realize and avoid this.

Is this in SBWP, UWL, forms? I think I have seen it fixed in UWL.


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