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workflow task problem

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I have a problem workflow task.

I define an activity and ıt has a task.

Task include program .User opens work and must change status of documant in program. if user doesn't change status ,work was deleted in sap inbox.

but I don't want deleteing work without change status.if user doesn't change status ,work must stay sap inbox.

How can I do?

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Answers (5)

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when I change task method as synchronous ,task don't accept object type end object merhod so terminating event don'e see

my object type.

How can I create terminating event.

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but I can't understand how can I do change create document and what I write z event

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You could also make an until loop, which checks if the status has been changed after the workitem has been completed; if not then it loops back and sends the workitem again.


Rick Bakker

Hanabi Technology

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First of all , make your task as asynchrounous task.

In the activity, put a terminating event as your customised Z event.

Now create a change document ( if not existing) and attach this z event to this change document through T code SWEC and restrict change document to filed resposible for "Change Status".

Now whenever the status of document in program changes, this Z event will be triggered which will further complete the Workitem, else it will stay in Sap inbox.


Sangvir Singh

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Additionally you may use the condition tab of the activity step that will complete workitem only if the status is changed.



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Search about asynchronous tasks and terminating events. this the way to go for what you wand to do.