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Workflow settings in SWU3 are getting reverted randomely

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Dear Experts,

I am facing one strange issue.

Our Developer complained about workflow settings are getting changed and whatever changes he has done are rolled back to earlier settings.

I have checked the periodic jobs for workflow and those are getting executed successfully.

Any suggestions??

Warm Regards,


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Answers (5)

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before you blindly start changing the settings in SWE2. Please make sure first if this is the desired behaviour.

There are cases where if an event goes into error that that is such a severe error that you also don't want any workflows to continue before the problem is fixed.

Anyways, we have too little information about your issue. Could you give us some more info please?

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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Open tcode SWE2, double click on your respective entry and set 'Do not change linkage' in Behavior Upon Error Feedback parameter.

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Please share the settings which get changed in SWU3.

  If its issue with Event linkage only then goto T-Code SWEQADM and set the value "Donot break the Linkage". This will work globally for all the workflow in your system.

Anyways, analyse all the backgaround jobs not only Workflow jobs. May be some basis job performing some system jobs which hampers the setting.



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In  SWE2, event linkage double clik on that, and select  'Do not change linkage' , then it will not change

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Which settings is he/she talking about? Can you (or he/she) give an example (which change was reverted back and how)? Quite impossible to give any suggestions since there is no information what is actually the problem?

It is also quite possible that the developer is doing something wrong by him/herself. One typical example is that the event linkage in transaction SWETYPV gets deactivated automatically when there is a problem with the event (and/or workflow).

Kind regards,