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Workflow Send Activity - Attachment & Executable Item

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Hi All,

I've one issue about Workflow "Send Activity".

After user decision "APPROVE/REJECTED" (i've activated  "Mandatory" option with Approve & Reject button) so user will put his notes.

And after that i've to send mail to Wf Initiator and in that mail the attachment should be there for "Notes" ( This is done)

But even we required executable Item, means Link for document display (which we are getting in User decision after copy of Standard task and make the changes into the same). That means we required mail on external email id with attachment "Notes" and as well as Executable Item.

Thanks In Advance

-Navin K

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Hi Navin,

Absolutely agree with Ronen with the point that similar scenario is present in WS17900004 where the link is passed to subsequent send mail step via binding.

Apart from that if you want reusablity and flexibility and have more time to invest , then can go for a custom task tailor made to handle the scenario.How it is implemented will ensure the re usability in other workflows.