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Workflow (Notification )

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Dear Frnds

How i notify authority person when somebody forward workitem or workflow get restarted

any help is appreciated

Thanks& regards


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Answers (3)

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Ceate a step type whcih will trigger the email address of a concerned person.

Hope it will help you.



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in work flow templet u can find the authority person who actually forword request.

based on request only u can find that persons information who actually requested to u.............

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Hi again,

there are quite a lot of workflow templates available in the standard delivery, despite those one's that have been custom created in the system that you may have.

Therefore it is inevitable that you give much more detailed information of what you are using in your system.

To conclude once again the possibilities you have for notification

- eMail notification (periodically eMail sent, if forwarding is enabled)

- eMail created in background task before WI creation (in workflow template)

- custom written program that does the same thing

Basically these are your possibilities.

Best regards,


P.S.: Have you read the FAQ in the Workflow-Forum, yet?

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Hi Florin

Thanks for Information about SAP Workflow forum

I think i need to more elaborate on my question .

suppose if i am forwarding workitem in my inbox to person XYZ a notification(email) need to be sent to XYZ

same functionality needed when workflow is restarted

hope i am bit clear now

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Hi Shirish,

Okay thanks for the clarification. Basically there's only a standard-notification procedure that takes place upon the workitem creation and not when it is later forwarded by another user.

If you have to notify for forwarded workitems, I could see the following two solutions:

1) Create a separate decision outcome (e.g. you have a simple general user-decision workitem), that says: "Forward workitem". This asks for the user where it shall be sent to and then the workitem is recreated for this user (using a loop within the workflow pattern).

Depending on the R/3 release you're using (I think it was Enterprise 6.40 and higher), you can disable the usual forwarding-possibility in the attributes of the task to avoid unintentional forwarding w/o workflow.

2) Use the report RSWUWFML or RSWUWFML2 as a template and extend the coding there that it catches also (newly) forwarded workitems.

for 1) you have to change the implementation of the workflow pattern, which still is quite easy for this case

for 2) you do not have to change the workflow pattern and it could work for the complete system, but the report's implementation will be a more tricky here.

I hope this answer sets you on the right trail here. Please do not expect to get a full & complete coding of such a report as mentioned in 2), because it is just too complex to handle it in this forum.

Best wishes,


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Hello Sirish,

for future questions I would like to draw your attention to the where you can post especially workflow related questions.

For workitem notification you can generally-spoken use the report RSWUWFML or RSWUWFML2 (from R/3 Enterprise 6.20 on). This sends an eMail notification to the user that has new workitem in his inbox, when there is a general forwarding enabled by this user (or admin has activated this, using transaction SO36).

This does not apply do (new) workitems that have been forwarded by another user, because technically it is not considered to be a new workitem, instead rather having it viewed by just someone else. There is no simple solution to get these workitems notified again.

You may like to have a look at the workflow FAQ that you can find at the top of the forum's list.

Best regards,