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Workflow deadline monitoring - With workitem opened and closed

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi all,

How do I achieve the following in workflow deadline monitoring.

I have implimented a modeled deadline for one of the approval step with time limit 3 days. If the deadline is reached I am logically deleting the workitem from the approvers inbox and forwarding it to the next superior. This works fine.

After 2 days what if the approver has actually opened the workitem but has not performed any action and just closes the workitem to perform action later. But after the third day the workitem gets deleted from his inbox because of the 3 days limit.

How do I handle this situation wherein if a workitem is opened and closed after 2 days then my deadline should again actually start from this point of opening and closing the workitem ie after 2 days add another 3days.

I want as, only if no absolutely no activity on the workitem for 3days then forward it.



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Hi SH,

what difference does it make even if he opens the workitem on the 2nd day but doesnt complete it on the 3rd day. The deadline is anyway missed, so I feel the current situation is perfect, you would increase complications if you try to provide a solution for your issue.