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Workflow boundries within EP KM

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I'm wondering if it is possible to integrate PLM C-Folders' documents within the approval workflows of EP KM ? Or does anyone knows how is it possible to extend the capabilities of workflow mechanism in EP so that it works like a small document management system.


Ahmet Engin Tekin

Technology Consultant

MBIS Consulting

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Hello Ahmet,

There are a number of different ways to accomplish what you are looking to do. Since I work for FileNet (a Enterprise Content Management company), I will answer you question in a generic standpoint (1. because I don?t want seemingly push FileNet product, and 2. I honestly don?t have that much knowledge of the cFolders functionality).

The integration can be done if the content repository is integrated into Knowledge Management. This means that you can peruse information in the third party repository either from within the KM application or within the third parties access application. For example, if cFolders was integrated into KM then you would be able to access the same files in KM and within the PLM iViews. If a user checks out a document in PLM, then it would be checked out when viewed within KM.

This type of tight relationship would be allow for content within PLM to be accessed from the out of the box KM workflow, because the content within KM is equal to the content within PLM.

Right now there are a number of different ways to provide then integration. There are custom solutions, there is WebDAV ( a standard way to integration to CM repositories) and there is a movement to have CM vendors integrate into a standardized means into KM.

Let me know if this helps you..

Craig Gutjahr


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Hi all,

from a discussion with PLM development I gfot today that they are in the middle of developing a special Repository Manager for C-Folders. I am not sure when it will be shipped and don't even know how far this will go - so in case just try to get this from PLM Product Management or from their public announcements. If I should get more information I will come back and add it here ...

- klaus