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Workflow and Business Object

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I am new to the concept of Workflow and Business object.

My requirement is to find a function module which can trigger a worflow from my program in the ABAPeditor,

The function module should allow me to pass two Business object as parameters to it.

I looked in the below FM:


The parameters here does not support business object.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Avinash,

You need to use SWE_EVENT_CREATE to create an event in your program and then your workflow

has to listen for that particular event.

This is how the code would be-



objtype = 'ISUSWITCHD'

objkey = objkey_swtnum

event = evt_name


event_id = event_id


event_container = my_container


objtype_not_found = 1


<b>objtype</b> is your BOR Object TYPE. The methods of this BOR object would be used in your workflow.

<b>objkey_swtnum</b> should be of type swo_typeidand it is the switch document number.

<b>evt_name</b> is the name of the event to be raised.

The <b>my_container</b> needs to be created in the following way-

<b>swc_container my_container.

swc_create_container my_container.</b>

You can even set elements and tables in a container by using-



These values would go to the workflow that this event would trigger.

Also, have a look at these good links for workflows-


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Hi Avinash,

Do you need to trigger Two Workflow from your Program. I am not able to get your issue Clearly can you please eloborate.



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The issue is:

A workflow is to be called/started from an SE38 program.

The workflow has an event listener and a task.

The event listener and the task both require Business object (of type swc_object) as input parameter.

Event listener requires an Instllation Object.

Task requires a property object.

(Its an IS-U workflow, but i believe its no different from any other workflow).

So I was trying to send the workflow parameters throuogh FM "SWU_START_WORKFLOW",. But FM's parameter do not support business objects.

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Hi all,

I just implemented my first working automatic workflow call in ERP 6.0. I would recommend using FM SWW_WI_START_SIMPLE and include <cntn01>. This FM has in its interface a table called wi_container. This can used using the normal macro syntax to create BOR objects and set the container elements...

Best Regards,


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Frank Rudolf

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Hi Avinash,

Use Function Module <b>'SWE_EVENT_CREATE'</b>. You can pass Buss Object Id, Key Field, and Values for the Key Field along with the Event Name which has to be Triggered.

Hope this would have helped you.



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Hi Prashanth,

Looking at the FM I am not sure if we can use two Business object as the parameters.