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Workbook variable issue

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Hi experts,

I have a rare issue with a variable. I use the same variable in two queries, and I get the correct value in both cases (the same values) for the value list, but when I insert the two queries as dataproviders of a workbook, when I'm going to see the value list, I got a huge list with values that aren't correct in many cases.

Any idea?

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Open the affected workbook. On "Workbook Settings", go to "Variables" TAB and uncheck the option

"Display Duplicate Variables only Once".

After that save and test again.

The variable will appear for each DP. The values should come correctly now.


Edward John

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I have the latest version of GUI.

I have unchecked "Display Duplicate Variables only Once" and the values are correct for each DP, but this isn't that I want because I want an unique variable prompt.

Thanks and regards,