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Workbook Precalculation - SAP BW 3.5 - Precalculation Server

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sometimes the precalculated workbooks are corrupted. The precalculated workbook service was executed in the BEx Broadcaster functionality (Web).

Where can I trace the errors? (the rsprecadmin transcation didn't work out)

Why sometimes precalculated workbooks are damaged???

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Please note that if you are using MSExcel2003, you might have to consider calling microsoft support in order to get hotfix 912022 (<a href=""></a>) since this hotfix is available only on-request.

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Check transaction SLG1

Object: BW_XLWB

SubObject: PREC

External ID: *

Also, check transaction RSRD_LOG

In addition, check these things:

1. Implemented OSS Notes:



2. Make sure you've downloaded and installed latest version of Precalculation Service (BWAPSERV12_0-10002960). When installing, we made sure you have full admin rights.

3. Make sure you add the following registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Sap\BEx and put the stringvalue SHOWEXCEL = true

4. Go to SM59 and run a test connection on the precalculation server, and this is successful.

5. Make sure your gateway and host are defined correctly -

Function module SYSTEM_GET_CURRENT_GATEWAY can help test this.

6. Ensure that the latest version of .NET 1.1, SAP GUI 6.40, and Excel are well.

7. Look at the BEx Precalculation Server log at:

C:\windows\temp\BExPrecalcLog.txt and check to see if there are any issues.

8. Look at the SAPBEx.trc log from the Frontend as well

9. If you're using Windows XP/2000 as the precalculation

server, and the "Allow service to interact with desktop" is flagged, it should work correctly. If it isn't working

correctly from the web, test queuing functionality using

program RS_PREC_PLAN. If it works using this program, but

not through the web, then most likely there are gateway