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Work-items are not completed in worflow

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Hi ,

We are facing a issue when the work-item are sent to concern user business

workplace & then when user clicks on dailog work-item to process it ,

the work-items goes to processing status for long time & remains in

same status , though the asset number is created in background at

business object level.

Below  is the flow  of the workflow.

1) Loan order is created & delivery is created with available equipment

2) After PGI asset will been created in back ground mode.

3) If the equipment is returned then we create a return order ,

    return delivery ,PGR & deactivate the asset number .

4) Now If the same equipment is sent to any another customer then

   again a loan order , delivery is created with same equipment & PGI .

5) while creating a asset it will send a work-item to user inbox in

  dialog mode with asset number & suffix _A , now  the problem is when users

  double clicks on the work-item it goes into processing mode for long time though the

  asset number is created in back ground & remains in the user business workplace .

There is no error in workflow  at business  object level or agent assignment at task level.

Can any one advice pls... 

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Answers (2)

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When a work item goes into "STARTED" status and never completes, there is a very high chance a short dump happened in the ABAP layer that the workflow task didn't know about and is still waiting for the ABAP program to return.

So, check for short dumps created by WF-BATCH around the time the workflow task is submitted.

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Hi Azzouni,

When we exucte the workitem its goes in processing mode but in back end the

asset number is created at business object level & also there is no dump

with user WF-BATCH  so i dont think there is any possiblity for error at ABAP layer

Thank you .

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Please check TRFC queue SM58 and also check whether the events are stuck in event queue in SWEQADM. I think this task gets terminated by aan event which is getting stuck in event queue. Deliver the events which are in error and try to find why the event is getting stuck.



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Hi Abhijit, Try to force completion by setting "Confirm end of processing" and see when the dialog pops up to say "COMPLETE WORK ITEM", select it and check if the workitem gets completed.

Please also share the settings on the dialog task or the background task which you still see "In process" status.

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Hi Anand ,

I am able to complete the work item manually through SWIA , but it needs to be completed

when user double clicks on it.

Please check the setting on dailog task .


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HI Abhijit,

Can you add one more screenshot of Task, double click on Task and take a screenshot of Basic data tab. May be we can give a try if the settings are having any issue. And inside the task method, you have just called a transaction right?



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Try executing the report RSWEQSRV.