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Work Item (Custom Task) not appearing in NWBC Work Overview - EHSM Incident Management

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Hi All,

We have a custom workflow in place for Incident Management, in which a custom work item task(type standard) was copied from TS00500003 and made use of.

When executed, the custom task work item appears in normal ECC Inbox(SBWP) but not in NWBC Work Overview.

The standard task work item TS00500003 appears both in ECC Inbox and NWBC Work Overview.

Upon referring to many threads and blogs, it was suggested to maintain entries in SPRO path - SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Cross Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Inbox -> Define Tasks and Actions

Accordingly the various Tasks and Actions were maintained in the following tables

We referred to the respective standard task TS00500003 entries in the corresponding standard tables ( IBO_C_WF_ACS, IBO_C_WF_APS, IBO_C_WF_TAS, IBO_C_WF_CAS, IBO_C_WF_TTAS ).

An entry was also maintained in "Assign Task ID's to POWL Types" (same SPRO path) with no luck.
Please suggest on where the gap is so that work item is not appearing in NWBC work overview.

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Hi Ramachandran Rajarajan,

How did you solve this issue please let me know.

With Regards