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Work Flow - 6.2 - How to build Screen for WI display

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I want to change the WI display in SAP inbox using the custom screen defined in the 'step specific tag page for work item display' on the 'WI Display" tab while defining the step in workflow template.

Any Ideas or documentation of how to create and integrate these screens into Workflow.



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In change mode of the step in the 'WI Display" tab, there is a push button 'Enter demo tab page'. If you click on it, the system fills SAPLSWL0 for Program and 0100 for Screen.

Take a look at the flow logic of the screen to get an idea.

Couple of things you should be aware of:

1) The screen should be defined as a sub screen, since the screen you design will be displayed in a new tab in WI display exactly as indicated by the frame title 'Step-specific <u><b>tab</b></u> page for work item display'.

2) Your screen can only be seen when you explicitly select work item display from Business Workplace. It does not show up in the preview pane nor when you execute the WI.

Please award points accordingly if this answers your question. If not come back with specifics and I can help you further.


Ramki Maley.