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With Real Scenerio

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Hi friends,

I want to learn about ESOA.

Could any one give some explaination using a Real World Senarios.

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Answers (4)

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Check out the ES wiki:

This wiki has lots of real world scenarios using specific enterprise services and we would love to have your comments about whether you find it helpful. Drill down into some of the ES bundles and check out the various scenarios in there that show how to use the enterprise services.



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Hi Ramesh,

here you will find everything that you are looking for. [original link is broken]

Happy learning



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Hi Ramesh,

I would give you an example of Supply Chain Management.

To avoid loss of goods and theft for shipping of goods, its very necessary for track all the information.

If from a factory, the goods are shipped to various dealers and dealers to various retailers.

Now when goods are loaded in a vehicle and when it reached dealers, its very hard to perform manual checking.

In that case from factory itself, some services are available which give information about packets, material, material Ids, quantity,date of shipping , price etc..

At dealers/retailers side , when trucks are unloaded , some sensors would be there which will read all products information( like bar codes but not exactly) and would automatically called the services offered by factory/dealers( through web services).

This would not be automatically done, firstly we have to develop some applicatioons( for GUI, integration etc) for that.

Also in retailers shop, there are sensors, which reads the tag and automatically contact the services offered by factory and checks if the product expiry date is near by or not. if it is , it can raise an alarm or warning messages on the personal screen of the retailer.

So, in this way all the applications, services are concatenated and are given a usable shape.

This is the example of Gillete company which has implemented RFID(like bar codes) technology for tracking its goods to avoid theft, loss etc in US

Now servicves are offered by dactory, dealers -

and are used dealers and retailers respectively. This is wat SOA means that everything should be loosely coupled and should be available in the form of services so that its availability is widespread.

There are far more things which are there in terms of benefits and reusability which were used in designing the above scenario, but I 've explained you only a little for a real secene of using services

Hope this helps.



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You can have good amount of informatin from the following thread

Thanks & Regards