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Windows Active Directory LDAP Integration - SAPGUI 7.1

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SAPGUI 6.20 & 6.40 has supported reading the list of SAP systems from an LDAP source (such as active directory).

I have recently setup some SAP systems to register in AD via the following profile parameters in the instance profile:

ldap/autoregister = 1

ldap/options = DirType=NT5ADS

This can be confirmed via AD and via the ldap trace files

I have then create a new sapmsg.ini in the c:\windows directory of the client PC and added these parameters:





This is discussed in 608781 SAPLogon: Supporting for Active Directory (LDAP)

Does anybody know if the LDAP functionality has been "removed" from SAPGUI 7.1?

It would be nice to let some customers that are using this functionality know in advance.



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608781 is so old and ends at release 6.20. So they should go and update it.

I do not believe that they remove functionality in 7.10.

What about an OSS ticket asking for clarification?

Or does GUI development listen?

Kind regards, Rudi

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or may be ask it here

if LDAP registration was successful