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Wily introscope monitoring - SAP systems

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I am beginner to Wily Introscope monitoring

Need to monitor ABAP, ABAP+JAVA and JAVA systems with wily introscope.

Please let me know step by step monitoring guide for the same

I would appreciate your help.

Thanks a ton

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Answers (4)

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Hi Daniel,

Please go through the following link for information on wily introscope:

Navigate through the reference links mentioned in this page.

You can also find the guides at SAP service market place if you have a valid S-user id.

Follow this path -> solution manager-> Run SAP like a factory -> Application Operations-> End- to-End root cause analysis-> media library.

You can also find this path through this link :

You will find setup guide, user guide and webview user guide at this path.

This should pretty much suffice the knowledge you require about using Wily introscope.

Kindly mark the answer as correct/helpful  if it helps you.



Robin Singh

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Hi Daniel,

Run the system preparation , Basic configuration and managed system configuration in solman_setup t.code.

In Basic configuration, step:3 Configure CA introscope - check this for more details

In Managed system configuration , step:8 Configure Automatically ->Introscope Host adapter (This automatic activity sets up the CA Wily Introscope Host Adapter on the Diagnostics Agent, to collect performance metrics, such as operating system level metrics.)

Wily guide:

Plz check the guide in   -> SAap component -> sap solution manager -> 7.1 version -> 2b

After install the Wily EM , open the webview url


Credential: user: Admin, password: Admin89

Also SAP recommend to use latest Wily  version.



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Hi Daniel

Kindly search SAP Marketplace you will defintately get a good amount of tools available

Would you also like to configure MAI based Technical Monitoring in Solution Manager 7.1

you can check the details on wiki

Home - SAP Solution Manager Setup - SCN Wiki

lot of guides are available to setup the same

hope this helps



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Dear Daniel,

Please check below link it may be helpful for you,