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Wily Instroscope Agent connection problem to Enterprise Manager

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Perhapse some of you guys deal with this problem before and can give me an hint?

I install the Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager and one Agent according to the "Introscope Version 7.0 Installation Guide for SAP" but if i try to start the agent i get the Warning: [IntroscopeAgent.ConnectionThread] Failed to connect to the Introscope Enterprise Manager at <server>:6001, (1)

I checked if the server is reachable with ping and also if the port is open via telnet from the system where i have installed the Agent.

Any ideas?

King regards, Stefan

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jens, thank you for your answer, yes i tried to use the ip adress instead, with the same result.

Very strange from my point of view is the thing that i can't get a telnet connection if i try to connect to from the enterprise manager server to the agent server. This look like a network issue to me, dosen't it? in the other direction there is no problem and on the enterprise manager server i see that listening on 6001 is on. If I check this on the agent machine, i can't see anybody listening on this port. But from my point of view it should?

Webview isn't in place right yet, i thougt i should finish the "normal" configuration first?

Regards, Stefan

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Hi Stefan,

this sounds strange. Have you tried using the IP address instead of the host name?

Do you have WebView working?

best regards,