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Wierd Charecters in Prompt - List of Values

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Hi All,

One of my user was trying to run a webi query and they pulled one of the dimension for prompts and the list of values had wierd charecters. When I do it on my system it shows fine.

We both are using the same universe and same dimension.

Has anyone any idea why this would be happening and how this can be fixed?

Thanks Plenty Much!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I'm not for sure certain, but it sounds like an encoding option has been set causing the interpretation to be different between him and you. The easiest way to check is to do the following on both computers with an instance of IE open: move your mouse to a "white space" area (i.e. not over any hyperlinks or editor input areas -- the more bland the web page the easier it'll be to find "white space"). Once you get a good area to point, right-click. The right-click menu appears with an item more than half-way down called "Encoding". Observe what each of the computers record, and if the other one is different than Sam's settings, have the other one match, then retry the LOV.



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