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Why XML FORMS code is appearing?

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Hi all,

I’m facing some weird problem. I’ve created my article (XML FORMS) where the xml file will be visible to the user on KM folder (It’s not necessary to use Iview). The user is able to see the article when click on it.

During the development on “/documents” folder it was working properly. But it do not works on my repository that I’ve created (FileSystem). After created my article on “/myRepository” when I click on it the xml code appears instead of the article’s form.

<b>There is any configuration that I’ve missed for my repository to avoid open the XML FORMS’s code?</b>

Into the Repository Manager the CM configuration are the same for both “/myRepository” and “/documents”. The only difference between them is that one is FileSystem and other is DataBase.

The same occurs for others XML FORMS, that are default in the Portal, like “Frequently Asked Question” and “SAP DEMO News”.

Thanks in advanced,

Alcides Flach

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alcides,

System Admin - System Config - KM - CM - Repository Filters - [Mode: Set to Advanced] - XML Forms Repository Filter - edit "xmlforms_filter": Add your repository.

Also see

Hope it helps


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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YESSSS! Solved my problem.

Thanks Detlev Beutner.