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Why Webdynpro framework is throwing error in this testcase

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Hi All,

In my requirement i'm using the WTGXXX(for Discount field) in Webdynpro ABAP.

If I validate the entries there is a standard check performed by the webdynpro framework when entries other than the numercie fields are given.

This is a webdypro ALV.

For Ex:

when the discount is given as (9-33) it is throwing the error that "The entered value can only contain numerical characters" but it is not throwing any error for (9-(9/22)) or (9-(42)) instead it is calculating the values which is a good feature. But why, (9-33) this case is not handled.

I tried to keep the value in duegging it is working fine.

Before any event gets trigerred for the above cases the value is calculated by the framweork by defalut.

Some times some cases are handled sometimes not.

I'm unable to get this behavior of the framework.

For the first time (9-3*3) calcuation is throwing error from the 2nd time onwards this is giving the correct output. When I load the view for the first time and do this check then error is thrown, second time when the other calcuations are done and again do this calcaulation then this error is not shown instaead it is giving me 0 which is the result.

This case applies to the cases where the expressions result in 0 (defalut values)

One mroe test case for this is - (9-9).

Eventhough the user knows the result of these expresions, these are throwing errors.

How to handle this.

I tired handling this with own DE/Domanin CURR 15 but for the 1st time this error is theon 2nd time on wards the reuslt is shown correct.

Isn't a special case.

When I bound the table again with INITIAL data then again the erorr is thrown for that case.

ie I have one RESET button where i will bind the table again with the INITIAL table entries then agian the error is thrown for (9-3*3).

Is there any SAPNOTE applied or Exceptions to this. Please let me know.

Please replicate the same in Webdynpro Java also and share the reasons.

Currently I'm doing this by taking the string only to avoid these erorrs in case of Zero.



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Use another forum for Webdynpro questions:

BR, Sergei

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I have got the same post in the WD ABAP forum also.

I'm giving this in the General Netweaver forum expecting any replies on this.