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Why stuck/failed message are moved to SMQ3 automatically

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Dear experts,

I am facing the issue below:

message failed in PI as no receiver found(only certain values of a field, like ID = "A" from source payload will get processed, else failed in receiver determination), then it got moved to SMQ3 "automatically".

I understand that we can move a failed/stuck message to SMQ3 manually first and let other pending message go immediately, and analyse this failed/stuck message later, in this way, it won't make other message pending just because this message stucked.

But how this message get moved to SMQ3 automatically, as I don;t want it to be in SMQ3, just failed in SMQ2 is fine...

Can anyone explain me why it is moved to SMQ3, any settings for this, or any relationship with EOIO mode in sending the message or anything else.

Thanks a lot.

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It should not happen like that. the process is, once messages are failed in queues, manually we can move that failed messages to SMQ3 for processing the rest of messages. later we can investigate the SMQ3 failed message.

let's see the reply from others.



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Seems no others are replying..:(

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Hi... I have posted a reply