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Why should we use this java web start?

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Hi XI gurus,

I am just learning SAP XI.

Why should we use JAVA WEB START?

I need the conceptual answer.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vara

Java Web Start is used to deploy standalone java applications over the network.

When it comes to XI, the Integration Repository and Directory require specific Java client software which is stored on the Integration Server and will be automatically installed on the client side using Java Web Start. This client software can be used during design time to develop new interfaces and mappings and to configure services, routings and mappings.

If you want to more about Java Web Start and have the patience to read it, then read on ...

JavaTM Web Start is a deployment solution for Java-technology-based applications. It is the plumbing between the computer and the Internet that allows the user to launch and manage applications right off the Web. Java Web Start provides easy, one-click activation of applications, and guarantees that you are always running the latest version of the application, eliminating complicated installation or upgrade procedures.

Distributing software across the Web in the tradition manner requires the user to find the installer on the Web, download the installer, locate the installer on the system, and then execute the installer. Once the installer is executed, it prompts for installation directories and installation options such as full, typical, or minimum. This is a time-consuming and complicated task, and one that must be repeated for each new version of the software.

By contrast, Web-deployed applications, such as your favorite HTML-based email client and calendar, auction sites, and so on, are a breeze to install and use. The Web browser has automated the entire process. There is no complicated download, setup, and configuration steps, and you are guaranteed to always be running the latest version.

Java Web Start technology provides the same benefits to full-featured applications as described above for HTML-based applications. Java Web Start technology is an application deployment solution for the Web. Using a full-featured application instead of an HTML-based client can have many benefits:

A highly-interactive user interface, comparable to traditional applications, such as word processors and spreadsheets.

Lower bandwidth requirements. An application does not necessarily have to connect back to the Web server on each click, and it can cache already-downloaded information. Thus, it can provide better interactivity on slow connections.

Support for off-line use.

Or course, you still have to download the application the first time you use it. An HTML-based application, thus has a first-time activation cost. Typically, a Web page is brought up in a matter of seconds. A Java TM-technology-based application will require download times in the order of minutes on a typical modem connection. The Java Web Start caches all downloaded files locally on the computer. Thus, although the first-time activation cost is higher for applications than for HTML pages, subsequent launches will be almost instantaneous because all the required resources are already available locally.

On each launch, Java Web Start checks the Web server to see if a new version of the application is available, and if so, automatically downloads and launches it. Thus, applications are automatically brought up to date. There is no complicated upgrade procedure.


Java Web Start is built on top of the Java 2 platform, which provides a comprehensive security architecture. Applications launched with Java Web Start will, by default, run in a restricted environment ("sandbox") with limited access to files and network. Thus, launching applications using Java Web Start maintains system security and integrity.

An application can request unrestricted access to your system. In this case, Java Web Start will display a Security Warning dialog when the application is launched for the first time. The security warning will show information about the vendor who developed the application. If you choose to trust the vendor, then the application will be launched. The information about the origin of the application is based on digital code signing.



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