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Why is a PDF corrupt after deployment by WebIDE to ABAP System?

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i would like to ask a question on WebIDE & the deployment to an abap server.

We've created a sapui5 application with a the default template sapui5 application. We've implemented a gateway service that provides backend data from our on prem systems. This whole app is working fine.

We then wanted to add a button to our sapui5 application that should open the end user documentation as pdf.

We got the pdf containing some grafics & explanations for the application & then we added it to the webide project by creating a folder docs and imported the file into that directory.

On the ui we implemented the event handler press of a button.

The eventhandler method basicly makes nothing more than checking are we running in webid, then"/webapp/docs/file.pdf) for webide testing and

//abap server"/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/appname/docs/file.pdf")

We have no mobile case for this scenario, therefore we didn't implement attachment handling or anything using gateway stream methods.

The result that we get now:

By testing the Component.js on the pdf is displayed perfectly fine with all its content.

After deployment to the abap server, we see the pdf is present in the page fragments. Also the eventhandler function of the button is correct by opening the path to the file on the abap system. We see, that the browser is opening the pdf document as we can see the number of document pages is exactly the same, but it's only showing blank pages when the pdf comes from the abap system.

Now to the question:

Has anybody faced a similiar requirement or has seen a working example of this requirement?

I'm aware, that for BSP pages usually attachments are imported as mime objects or are stored on another system and referenced by link in the application & i know, that this would solve the problem perfectly fine. But we would like to have the documentation within the webide project using the deployment option from the webide to have code and documentation within the same process covered. Like this, when a developer changes something in the webide project, he can update the documentation file (word) store it as pdf reupload it to the webide project deploy to the abap server & everything would be togheter and no extarnal system (e.g. sharepoint or something would be needed to use/maintain)

Any comment on this topic would be appreciated.



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