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Why DTR?

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DTR(Design Time Repository) is used as a repository in NWDS. Why is DTR used separately when we have other repositories such as Perforce, etc.,? What is the advantage of DTR over other repositories?

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One advantange you have by using DTR is that if used in conjuction with CBS, you have the ability to shared web dynpro compoenents in a team oriented development project.

It is more then source control system. You can use it for deployment and transpartation among differen systems in your landscape.

In addition it contain build server with automatic preconfigured build scripts.

Pros of DTR.

1. DTR really takes the guesswork out of which files need to be checked in or not from netweaver projects.

In VSS, we had to figure out the gen* directories, model directories and 3 different file types for each view. The underlying file structure model of web dynpro projects is very bad if you want to use a file based source control. Also consider that web dynpro regenerates every single java file.

2. DTR has tight integration with web dynpro projects.

3. Using DTR and Development Components takes care of both classpath and project generation issues automatically.

Cons of DTR vs VSS.

1. You need to use development components.

2. Support for external jar files is nonexistent vs. local projects, where you just dump your jar file into the lib folder.

If you only have one project that a few people are working on, you can probably survive with VSS, if you have more than 2 projects and developers, use DTR.

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