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Why do Story Reports disappear from report center then reappear periodically?


Hello, I am experiencing an issue with Story Reports that disappear and then reappear randomly.  My co-worker and I have created a number of story reports and they are shared with other users throughout the organization. Periodically, when attempting to view or access a story report I notice that all the story reports in report center are missing. When I search for a specific story by name or sort report center to only show report type Story, it returns stating there are not reports. Typically I have to wait and eventually the reports will show up again. I have tried to reproduce the issue intentionally without success. I have also tried a number of steps to resolve the issue when it does occur, again with out success. 

Is any one else experiencing this issue and did you find any resolutions or workarounds?

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Hello. We have experienced the same issue but have not found a solution. I find Story Reports work better in Chrome than other browsers.
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Hello. I don't have answers either and a couple of my co-workers are having the same issue. Would like to know if there is a fix.

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