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Why can't we delete the selective request from DSO as we can in Cube?

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Hi BI Lovers,

Consider the scenario as:

We have some 10 requests in DSO as well as in Cube and the is no connection between the Cube and DSO.

When we want to delete the request number 6 we can delete from the Cube, but whenwe try to do the same from DSO it wunt allow us?

Requesting for some intellectual explanation.



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See, in Cube you have single request ID's and therefore you can select one and delete it. Cube is build to just aggregate data. Standard DSO (different to write optimized DSO) is build to deliver consistent delta to further data targets. Therefore you can not delete a single request in the middle of all the requests in DSO because the requests after this build on this request and could changed values to derive a new delta for an old value.

It is just possible to delete this request and all requests after this. So every request is calculated back with ChangeLog information. In the active table of the DSO, the exact information does not need to exist because later request could changed this value. If you delete ChangeLog information this would be bad in this situation...

Within a write optimized DSO it would be possible to delete any request (depending on settings).

Hope that helps you to understand.

Best regards,


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Thanks Peter for a very lucid clear answer.Thanks a lot and seeking your future supportive answers.

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