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Why can't I see the crystal reports 2011 installation video

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I signed up to the community but youtube is requiring a google account signup to view the video. I have a google account but it is not linked to my work account. Therefore, my request to see the video is denied. How special is this video that I can't see it? I am having trouble with the installation of Crystal Reports 2011 because it says I need a full installation of 2011 in order to succeed in installing 2011. That doesn't even make sense. The error comes up "failed". The support person, Simon, said "we don't offer technical support via email" but linked me to this blog instead. So far, it is no help. Perhaps you could help. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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That version is end of life and there are no direct links to download the full install any more, as Dell noted only updates/patches are available.

If it was this site:

Those are updates only and around 500Meg.

If you had log an Incident then the person may have directed you to the wrong file, full version has this file name:


I suggest upgrading, Go to the link on this page and chat with Sales to get an update:

CR 2016 for 32 bit or CR 2020 for 64 bit version:

Also, it could be that version is failing because of the version of Windows, it's older so it won't support Windows 10.


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The link the support person took me to a page with all the different installations. The one I need is the 2011. The row looks like the following: it is over 500MB so I assumed that is the full version- if not, where do I find it?

SAP Crystal Reports 2011
SP 12
31 December 2017
Full Install
Product Availability Matrix
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If it says you need the full installation in order to install, then the install that you have is an update/service pack install that needs the full version of the software before it can update it.